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Vocalize! Cell Phone Complete Voice Control System
plus Voice Controlled Digital Media Player for your cell phone

Always available voice controlled calling & digital entertainment without pressing any buttons or even having to see the phone!  Easily and inconspicuously mounts on wheelchair and communicates with cell phone wirelessly using Bluetooth protocol.

     Completely Voice Controlled, truly hands-free, and power wheelchair integrated  $1149.00

Call for help anywhere, anytime when it's really needed most!  Includes Bed Kit to extend usage to 24 hours/day.  Even works during power outages.


Worldwide Compatibility - Communicates wirelessly with Bluetooth cell phones**. Use with any service provider worldwide!
Easy to Use - Natural voice prompts, intelligently responds and asks when it does not understand!
Powerful - Up to 150 voice contacts! Supports any language even individuals with slurred speech if speak consistently.
Convenient & Safer - No wearing uncomfortable headset all day or risk of having it fall off!  No wireless signal being pumped through your brain all day.
Versatile - Supports wired headset privacy mode. Includes accessible push-button control supplementing voice control to answer, hangup, start voice control & more
No need to see or touch phone.  Great for those with vision impairments or blindness Announces incoming Caller ID, appointment reminders, and reads incoming text and e-mail messages. *  Safely answer and place calls while driving with hand controls!  
Wheelchair Integrated - Mounts inconspicuously under wheelchair seat so it's virtually unnoticeable yet always available without interfering with transfers.  Runs directly off power wheelchair batteries so there's nothing to forget to recharge, simply charge wheelchair normally. (Wheelchair Charging Port Power Adapter or lithium-ion battery pack also available for easier installation and manual wheelchair users.)


* Requires optional Advanced Voice Control Calling & Digital Media Player Package for Windows Mobile Smartphones
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