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Vocalize! Wheelchair Cell Phone Voice Control System

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System Components
Typical Mounting Location
Vocalize!  Brain Box (2"x5")
Velcro to bottom of wheelchair seat pan
Lapel Microphone
Attach near chin / sip & puff controller, Clip to front of shirt or on bed
Flex Wheelchair Headrest Microphone

Attaches to wheelchair headrest post behind neck, backrest, push handle, to bed, or side of Wheelchair Phone Mount. Swings away for transfers.
Crystal-Clear speaker with volume adjustment
Bolt to backrest or side of wheelchair seat pan
Choose Lithium-Ion Battery Pack or Wheelchair Battery Power Adapter (see alternatives / upgrades below)
Compact Battery Pack Velcros to bottom of seat, Adapter plugs into wheelchair charging socket or connects directly to wheelchair battery terminals so nothing to forget to recharge. No noticeable impact on wheelchair
Dual switch Programming / optional manual control interface
Velcro to top / side of joystick controller, bottom / side of armrest, headrest, backrest, or wherever convenient. If not used, bundle up after programming complete
Power switch allows system to be disabled during important meetings, in theaters, etc. or just to conserve battery power when not in use.
Mini accessible pushbutton Power switch with LED
Bed Kit
Patch cable, & 25' extension cable to use extra microphone for bed headboard/side rail and plug into Vocalize! on nearby wheelchair when recharging overnight.
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