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Ramp Rentals
- A Solution for Short-Term Rehabilitation


 Wheelchair and pathway ramps  for Just One Day or Longer

 We rent ramps for many different occasions. Our clients sometimes need a ramp during short-term rehabilitation, or perhaps they have plans to visit relatives and need to gain access to their home. We also provide ramps for special events, to allow access to a stage or other elevated area. If you determine that you’ll need a ramp for more than five or six months, then a rental is not the ideal solution for you. After five or six months, the rental payments will accumulate to a total cost that is more than the purchase option. If, however, you use the ramp for fewer than five or six months, you'll save money by renting.

If you're not sure about the length of time for which you’ll need a ramp, as in the case of a stroke or amputation, it is probably best for you to start in our rental program. At a later date, if it turns out that you would have been better off purchasing the ramp, you may convert to the purchase option and apply 75% of any rentals paid toward the purchase price.

This flexibility allows you to have your ramp at the lowest possible cost--no matter for how long you need your ramp!

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