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3rd Hand Small Electronics Mount's -  Purchase Now for $149
Perfectly positions cell phone, iPod, PDA, camera, switches, etc. on wheelchair, bed, or almost anywhere with interchangeable bases and versatile device receivers!  Completely adjustable in every direction.  Positions device neatly inside of armrest and close to waist so as not to catch in doorways or restrict access to tables.  Quickly removed with thumbscrew when not in use. >> purchase options
More versatile, and better looking than most alternative laptop mounts! >>more
Versatile! 1 Mount, many uses. Quickly remove mount by loosening adjustment knob at base until entire mount lifts off ball base which remains where mounted (only 1.5" x 0.75")
Fully adjustable with 3 or 4 segments using composite torsion balls; each pivoting 210° and rotating 360°.  
Rugged & durable. Limited Lifetime Manufacturer Guarantee
  • Interchangeable Tops  
  • Interchangeable Bases
  • Different Middles
  • Preconfigured Mount Solutions
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