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Smartphone Advanced Voice Control Calling AND Voice Control Digital Media Player Package


Most intelligent voice control available! No Training Required! Responds and asks for corrections when not understood.
Supports both PDA Touchscreen or Button style SmartPhones
Cingular Blackjack not compatible
Voice Controlled Cell Phone Calling
Digit Dial by Voice
Callback last caller and Redial by voice
Call up to 2000 phonebook contacts without prerecording yourself saying each name
Look up and view any contact by voice
Announces incoming and reads back missed calls by name or number and time
Voice Controlled Digital Media Player!
Plays Music, Audiobooks, even full-length DVD Movies completely voice controlled! (like the Apple iPodTM and Microsoft ZuneTM)
2 GB - Download 1000 songs, 10 audiobooks, or 10 full-length DVD movies onto your Smartphone! (or upgrade to 4 GB!)
Comes preloaded with music, audiobooks,  movies, and software utilities to get you started plus links to download more free & legally!
Additional Voice Controlled Utilities
Review Calendar & Appointments by voice and have subject, time, & location of upcoming appointments read back
Reads incoming text messages & e-mails aloud
Start up any program by voice such as Calculator
Check the time, day, signal strength & phone battery level by voice
Help with available commands by voice


 Package Includes


GimpGear Advanced Voice Control Software & Content CD
Over-the-Ear universal 2.5 mm headset
Black Molded Phone Holster for Mounting & Protection (model specific limited availability)
Digital Media Player Package
2 GB miniSD or microSD Flash Memory Card preloaded with free music, a movie, & audiobooks
Plus many more on included CD and links to download thousands more free and legally
USB Flash Memory Drive - Simplifies Updates & use as portable flash drive for data!
Bluetooth Audio Gateway software utility on CD - Play media through Vocalize System Speaker.  Great for sharing media with friends!
It is possible to open Bluetooth Audio Gateway with a voice command, however while it is open, subsequent voice control is disabled until Vocalize's green control button is pressed returning media to phone speakers and re-enabling voice control.
Trial Software to compress full-length DVD Movies to watch on phone
GimpGear special Setup and Usage Instructions, Tips, & Tricks


 Comparison:  Advanced Voice Control Package vs Vocalize Standard Capabilities


Calling Organizer Capabilities
Advanced Voice Control Upgrade
Vocalize Internal Std. Phonebook Capabilities
Answer and Hang up by voice
Call phonebook contacts by voice
up to 150
Understands anyone without training
Train voiceprint or only unique sound for each contact
Digit dial by voice
Callback missed call & redial by voice
Easy to use with natural voice prompts
Announces incoming callers
Check time, day, signal & phone battery strength by voice
Review calendar appointments & tasks by voice, announces reminders
Reads incoming text msgs & e-mail aloud
Dictate text messages and e-mail with voice recognition
Separate $6 Monthly Service for Windows Mobile 5.0 Phones only
Digital Media Player Capabilities (the Apple IPodTM is a digital media player)
Play music, audiobooks, & full-length DVD movies by voice
Open gateway by voice to Play Media through Vocalize Loudspeaker to share
Play media and calls by voice through any FM stereo using USB Car Charger & FM Transmitter accessory


Listen to Audio Books By Voice Control! - stiff neck from reading, find it difficult to turn the pages, a relaxing way to drift off to sleep!  Play by voice control using our Vocalize!  System with a Windows Mobile Smartphone, on your computer, or most CD/DVD players.


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