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Travel  (be prepared for the unexpected, even in accessible locations, an elevator might be out of order or the vehicle with a wheelchair lift broke down)
Aircraft - large commercial, smaller regional, and even private/recreational.
USA Today - "Airlines tackle wheelchair need" (or not!) March 13, '08 For passenger service workers, those who assist with wheelchair transfers, "the average pay is less than $19,000 a year. Some 60% said they had not been formally trained in how to lift an immobile passenger."  Save yourself and get a Comfort Carrier TODAY!
                  $385 (L) ( price based on size required)   -        See products catalogue  below      
Train, inaccessible Bus, Van, or automobile (indispensable when exploring less developed countries, when adapted vehicles are not affordable or available such as rental cars or taxis)
Cruise Ship - dis-boarding in smaller ports of call & take advantage of local sightseeing opportunities that might otherwise not be possible
Stairs (be carried up or down separate from wheelchair)
Bed (when lifts are not available, cannot be used because of no space under bed, bed is wrong height, or those assisting with transfer simply don't have the experience or strength for sliding board, standing pivot or other transfer techniques)

Recreation (do and try new things that were otherwise simply too difficult or thought impossible)
Kayak, Canoe, Sailboat, Speedboat
Sit Ski  (water or snow), tubing, sledding
Camping (wheelchair to sleeping bag)
Swimming, Beach, Picnic (wheelchair to grass/sand/water - Pool, Lake, Ocean)
Amusement Park (experience the roller coaster for the first time or again)
Biking - Recombinant, Arm Bike / Hand Cycle, even tow trailer seat
Motorsports - ATV, Snowmobile, Go-kart
Horseback Riding (combined with a sturdy tree, 4 rock climbing Carabiners, a belay safety equipment & rope)
Hunting & Fishing - duck boat, tournament angler boat, ATV / Ranger, etc.
Tree stand (combined with a sturdy tree, 4 rock climbing Carabiners, belay safety equipment & rope)
At Home
Recliner, Couch, Standing Frame, etc.
Emergency - fall out of wheelchair / wheelchair tips over
                Personal Emergency Preparedness Planning
(Hurricane Katrina demonstrated disabled people need to be prepared themselves and can't always depend on rescue workers who may not have the required equipment)
Fire (elevators shut down)
Flood, Tsunami, Hurricane ( - go to higher level or evacuation by boat)
Tornado (go down into basement or other secure, wheelchair inaccessible location)
Earthquake, Landslide, even Terrorism, etc. (crumbled buildings & debris)
Safer with less chance of individual being dropped or injured
Comfortable for individual being transferred, less chance of being lifted in a painful manner
Maintains individual in natural seated position while securing legs during transfer
Easy repositioning, especially pulling individual all the way back into seat
No more torn clothing or embarrassments from accidentally dislodged or disconnected urinary collection devices
Only 2 individuals required to assist with transfer
No special skills or training for those assisting with transfer required
Transfer lifting can be performed from front & back (aircraft) or each side (kayak)
Saves backs or other strain injuries of those assisting with transfer


Easily slipped around individual while seated in wheelchair or any other seat
Fits securely like special-purpose clothing - can be left in position during activity
Lightweight & folds up for compact, easy portability such as in exterior pocket of carry-on luggage (only 10" x 11" x 3")
Highly Adjustable! 2 Sizes accommodates almost all individuals up to 400 pounds!
American-Made Craftsmanship, Super Strong & Durable, Machine washable.  1 Year limited Warranty
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