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QuadMouse - control with Chin, Lips, or Tongue


No hand, arm, or even head movement needed!  Work & play effectively with only slight 1/4" movement of Chin, Lips, or Tongue!  Especially for the physically challenged computer user or handicapped people with no use of their arms. For efficient and productive computer accessibility for school, work, and free time!  Click, double-click, & right-click the mouse with the built in secondary joystick plus built-in speed adjustability for all skill levels.  Type with included on-screen keyboard and/or voice-recognition software with one of our recommended cord-less microphones.  Alternatively click using the included Click Assist software, by voice, or with ability switches such as sip & puff, eyebrow, or buttons, - versatility for your preference!



New v2 Features
Built-in Drag (click and hold) eliminates any need to install software or configure drivers! Scroll, move, resize, drag and drop, and select multiple items with ease using either left or right click.
Even lower force to operate joysticks and Step through four speed channels in either direction.
16 user programmable speeds for each of the four channels or select one of four factory preset configurations. Factory presets also user programmable or easily reset to defaults.
Speed settings are saved in the QuadMouse memory even when computer is off.
Smaller size: 4" wide, 2" high, 1" deep. (Previous models are 5" x 2.5" x 2".) Joysticks are remain same,1 inch apart.

  Purchase here for only $1050 





Polished Ball Knobs

Dropper Bulb Knobs

Tongue Cup Knobs





Very smooth, have a nice feel against the lips. Made from acrylic plastic.

Bend easily if bumped too hard to reduce chance of injury or damage for people with motor control issue

For people with no head movement to operate with their tongue. Made from HDPE plastic.









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