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Read this important Public Access package  application information before ordering or installing!


1) The Open Sesame Model 233 is a light duty door operator, meaning that it is not suitable for an environment with continuous traffic. Model 200 has a rated lifetime of 200,000 combined manual and powered openings. 50 operations a day will yield a service life of 10 years. 500 operations a day will yield a one year service life. 500 operations a day is equivalent to traffic opening the door manually every minute for a 9 hr period. If the operator is chosen to be used in such a way it will wear out and can be shipped to us for rebuilding. The typical charge for this is under $250.In addition, the unit runs on an internal battery that is being constantly trickle charged. If the daily number of manual and automatic openings combined is too high for the charging circuit to keep the battery charged up, the battery will run down and eventually the unit will start to malfunction. We usually try to limit traffic on this unit to around 300 openings per day, spread out throughout the day.

2) The Open Sesame Model 233 is not to be used as an element to limit the travel of the door in its opening arc. A door floor stop or chain should be used to protect the arm from the excessive forces moving the door open.

3) The Open Sesame Model 200 is not to be used on a door swinging into an unsheltered environment where the door is exposed to strong winds pinning the door open.

4) The Open Sesame Model 233 when held open by wind, obstructions or door stops it will attempt to close for 40 seconds and then stop trying to bring the door closed. The door operation will reset by manually closing the door. This turn off mode protects the motor and drive circuitry from overheating.

5) The standard Model 233 Operator will develop ~4 pounds of closing (and opening) force at the edge of a 36” door. This is sufficient for most applications. Occasionally, there can be issues due to wind load (for an outward opening door), pressure differential, or excessive opening/closing resistance due to the threshold and/or weather stripping. In these cases the mounting positions can be altered slightly to overcome the problem.



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