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Newsletters > Quadriplegics can utilize an iphone or ipad
Quadriplegics can utilize an iphone or ipad

Oct 20, 2014

9 Surprising Things Quadriplegics can do with an iPhone or iPad

iPhones and iPads are now surprisingly indispensable tools for quadriplegics and those with limited mobility considering they are primarily controlled with a touchscreen interface. The introduction of iOS “Switch Control” and powerful wireless switch interfaces, like the Tecla Shield made by Komodo, now allows those with limited mobility due to spinal cors injury, MS, ALS, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, among others to use simple switches (button, sip puff, joysticks) to control their device. This has opened up millions of apps to those with mobility issues, some of which can completely replace “made for the disabled” equipment.

The Tecla Shield switch interface links up to 6 ability switches to the mobile device through a Bluetooth wireless connection. With a single switch, a series of switches, or a joystick, users can gain full control over their touchscreen device without ever physically interacting with the screen. In general, while as little as a single button switch can yield full control over the iPad or iPhone, the device navigation gets faster with every additional switch used.

Here are some examples of how people with limited mobility are leveraging this setup to take advantage of mobile technologies: google-site-verification: google9d353879aca40daa.html