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New Products and Upgrades

Apr 16, 2014

QVR = Quartet Voice Recognition also known as Simplicity II recognition:

The QVR was born at the end of 2010 and has been installed in all new AIO systems since the beginning of 2011.
The Simplicity II recognition system is DSP based and vastly superior over the Simplicity I recognition. Whereas the old recognition system used 80 bytes per word, the new system uses more than 4000 bytes per word. What does this mean? There is a lot more data to work with and so the recognition quality has increased 50 fold. The new recognition system is built using surface mount technology which results in higher quality and reliability.

*Upgrades to Simplicity II AIOs require(d) a QVR board (#90053) and software v9.X.

QIC = Quartet Insteon Controller:

In November 2012, Quartet released the QIC. As X10 modules are replaced with Insteon modules, QIC allows our users to continue to control lights and appliances regardless of the module that is being used. A customer can have a mix of modules and the ECU can handle it.

*Upgrades to QIC require the purchase of software V10.x and requires a QIC kit (#9149) which includes the controller box, 1' cables ,power supply, dual lock and DB9-DB9. (The dual band modem needed in the home is purchased directly from Insteon.) QIC can be installed in any Switch unit but can only be installed in AIO units that have the QVR board.

NOTE: As of July 2013, all units built will automatically be QIC ready. This means the software will have QIC capability built in. Down the road if you choose to use Insteon, you will still need to purchase the peripherals but you will not need to purchase the software for units built in July 2013 or after.

QIRC = Quartet InfraRed TV Controller: - Allows upgrade to Smart TV Technology – U-Verse

The QIRC will become available after July 1, 2013. QIRC is a replacement for the current TV/Relay board in Simplicity ECUs. Recent advances in consumer electronics have made the technology more varied and complicated. Quartet's QIRC allows ECUs to easily process High Definition IR signals and YES!! We can now work with Panasonic!!
A few other features of the QIRC are:
1. You won't lose your IR with a factory reset.
2. You can choose the device you wish to erase.
3. You can choose which keys to learn.
4. You can test on the fly! This means that after you "push the key" you can test that it works because while pushing the key it will transmit. You can then transmit again, save or retrain.

More information and instruction will be available shortly.

*Upgrades to QIRC consist of a new board (#9332), and V11.x software. QIRC will work with any Switch ECU. For All-In-One ECUs however, the
unit must also have a QVR board.

There is discussion and confusion over ECU’s. (Environmental Control Units). There are many products and brands on the market that make claims that they are the best. All ECU’s have limitations and shortfalls. But be aware of product not being fully evaluated.

The Quartet AIO (All in One) has been in production for over 20 years, it has proven itself in the field with clients still using the existing Quartet units 12-15 years after installation.

-    An amazingly low cost of ownership.
-    Even though these units have never had the proper maintenance schedules.
-    Quartet is the only provider of ECU’s with this longevity.

1.   The Quartet product is the only ECU that meets the medical UL listing. Furthermore , it is the only product that meets the Federal and State guidelines for an ECU as mandated
2.   Quartet is the only product with full battery back- up built in.
3.   All Representatives are factory trained, and can utilize the knowledge and advice of the individual that built all of the components. All components come from Quartet ensuring that each works in conjunction with the ECU.
4.   As a standalone device it is not venerable to operating system issues of viruses or obsolescence.
5.   Because the X-10 and Insteon command set is built in, there is no issue with IR
(Infrared) failure due to rooms filling with smoke.
6.   Quartet is obligated to hold spare parts for obsolete units for seven years, ensuring the best return on investment.

*Lifecycle Support for Simplicity Units

The following upgrade/update/repair schedules are in place for Simplicity ECUs.

Age Status
0-6 years old Eligible for repair, update and/or upgrade to new QVR and / or QIRC
6-10 years old Eligible for repair and/or update
10+ years old Eligible for the following parts repair / replacement only (based on availability):
• Internal backup battery
• Accessory Connector
• ECU Speaker
• * IR LED
• * * RAM

1.   The Vocalize! voice controlled cell phone system provides invaluable independence for those with limited to no use of their hands. Through voice recognition, the Vocalize constantly listens for keywords eliminating the need to push any buttons before or during use of the cell phone. It offers new and improved voice control features with improved recognition quality. The system installs easily and inconspicuously under the seat of power wheelchairs with 12-volt or 24-volt systems. Additional options include Cell Phone Mini Armrest Mount, 2nd Charging Socket Cable Kit, USB Cell Phone Charger, and Privacy Earphone.

2.   Open Sesame Door Opener, with control via bed, wheelchair and keypad for aides and caregivers. Intercoms and security can be added to allow complete safety before opening the locked door from the bed.

3.   Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12.0 is faster and more accurate than any previous version of Dragon. In fact, version 12 can reduce recognition errors by up to 35% compared to Dragon 10. This means Dragon 12 recognizes speech more accurately right out of the box so users will spend less time correcting recognition errors.15% Fewer errors, integrated Dragon sidebar showing available commands, easier formatting and correction.
SECTION 508 CERTIFIED- Meet government-mandated accessibility requirements for workers with disabilities. Prevent repetitive stress injuries and keep more employees on the job.
TIME-SAVING MACROS-Easily create special voice commands that let you fill out forms, insert frequently used text and graphics, or automate business processes.
Use a Nuance-approved digital voice recorder from anywhere, at anytime and automatically transcribe text when you connect to your PC. Wireless microphone support delivers added convenience.
CUSTOM VOCABULARIES-Add unique names, acronyms and terminology tuned to your business or industry so that Dragon will recognize the words and phrases you use. Custom word lists can be imported and shared across the enterprise.
Use with any Windows program! - Designed specifically for the professional user. However, customization allows integration for severely physically disabled individuals to meet their requirements for communication and social media. google-site-verification: google9d353879aca40daa.html