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Games for EyeGaze

Apr 20, 2012

Games for Eyegaze

Important: Most games are easier to play in Direct Selection mode. To change modes while in Simple EyeMouse, put your cursor on the eye image then left click and press M for “mode”. In Direct Selection mode, there will be a small blue square in the bottom toolbar on your desktop.

Games that have Dark screen next to them may be easier on the users eyes than the other games.

The games listed below were not created by LC Technologies, Inc. and we cannot guarantee they will work on your system. If you have problems with the games, please contact the technical support listed on the game maker’s website. This listed is provided only as a resource for our users.


Early Years (helpkidzlearn.com/early.html)
Hidden Grid: Moving the mouse reveals colorful shapes and patterns.
Pop the Bubbles: Click bubbles to pop them and make the star fall.
T-Rex Build Up and Knock Down: Each click adds a piece of the t-rex. Final click makes him fall apart. Does not require you to click a specific spot.

Games Section (helpkidzlearn.com/games.html)
Christmas Presents: Click presents to open and watch animation. Option for choosing between two or three presents.
Splat the Clowns: Wait until the clown is in the circle (circle turns green) then click to “splat” the clown.
Aunty Maggie’s Recipe: Click on ingredients to add to caldron then click the cup to have character try it and turn into a monster. Dark screen.
Gophers: Click to hit the gopher. Tip: position the mouse above the gopher’s head to hit him.
Odd One Out – Farm Animals: Click the animal that does not belong.
Cooker Quiz – Sandwich or Baked Potato: Choose the correct items as the narrator guides you through making a sandwich or baked potato.
Fossil Hunter: Click sections of rock to reveal a fossil. Try to guess which fossil you’ve found before it’s completely uncovered by clicking the dinosaur at the top of the screen. Dark screen.
Catch the Crocs: Wait for a croc to swim onto screen then click to catch him. Clicking before the crocs arrive will keep them away so you have to wait until you see one to click.
Shopping Time: Simple multiple choice game about where to buy things.

Stories (helpkidslearn.com/stories.html)
Any: All of the games in this section are compatible with Simple EyeMouse.

Early Mouse Movements: Move the mouse to the different paint pots to draw in that color. Good for young users.
Dino Coloring Book, Big Bang Coloring Book, Choose and Tell Coloring Book, and Transport Coloring Book: Color in the pictures (one click colors an entire section – no need to click and drag).

Find Out
Smarty Pants: Click on the emotions at the bottom to see your character act it out.

Other Games

Gaze Train: Lay down track so the train can pick up cargo and deliver it. Free but must install on computer. www.cogain.org/wiki/GazeTrain

Bug Game: Dwell on the bugs and they’ll move around. Internet based. www.elbuhoboo.com/juegoes-infantiles/juegoes-infantiles-bichitos/cargador.swf

GameBase.info: Has message boards with links to games (on its site and on other sites). Free to register. www.gamebase.info google-site-verification: google9d353879aca40daa.html