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Trus<T> Lift Clone - Fraud Alert

Feb 10, 2009

It has come to our attention that a poorly cloned copy of our Trus T Lift product has been offered for sale. Inferior materials, workmanship and design have combined to produce a dangerous platform lift.

This product infringes on our patent and is therefore illegal to sell. We have seen it marketed under the name of “Equator”. It may also be sold under other names. The product appears to be of Chinese origin.

We stress to all consumers and dealers that your safety and liability are at extreme risk. This product does not meet safety requirements. We will not be responsible for any accidents arising from the sale or use of this product.

Should you encounter this product or have any questions regarding the authenticity of any products that resemble a Trus T Lift contact us immediately. Toll Free anywhere in North America 800-563-4382.

We are concerned for your safety and are actively pursuing legal remedies to halt the sale of this dangerous product. Unscrupulous dealers of this product will be identified and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

We thank you for your loyalty. Our promise to you as always remains, a quality product at a fair price. google-site-verification: google9d353879aca40daa.html