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Evacuation Packages

Needed at fire escapes of every multistory building! Very few of these facilities or buildings have emergency preparedness or evacuation plans to accommodate the mobility impaired. This has been dramatically demonstrated repeatedly by Hurricane Katrina, the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center towers, and countless fires where mobility impaired individuals have unnecessarily lost their lives! In a fire and other disasters, wheelchair users especially are trapped by deactivated elevators.  Mobility impaired individuals must wait behind while everyone else evacuates to safety for overwhelmed firefighters to arrive and evacuate them - typically with stretchers. This unnecessarily risks the lives of these rescuers.  All too often trapped individuals are overcome by, and die of smoke inhalation, not able to even get down and crawl along the floor below the smoke. This is all completely preventable!

 Versatile: When no other alternatives exist, by attaching the 4 handles of the Comfort Carrier to a rope it can be used to lower someone to safety down the exterior of building, a mountainside, or even by helicopter.

 Post Evacuation Transportation & Care: After initial rescue and evacuation is complete, the Comfort Carrier will make it much easier to place the individual in any available automobile for transportation to a safer location, or to the nearest hospital if the person is injured and an ambulance is unavailable.

 Shelters, Hospitals, & Temporary Residence: After rescue and evacuation, the Comfort Carrier can be utilized in place of many other specialty devices that may not be available to make otherwise inaccessible hospitals, shelters, or other places of temporary residence usable. It can assist in moving injured and disabled individuals up and down stairs, to a bed, cot, air mattress, or even the ground to and back to a wheelchair.




Always visible and available, not hidden out of sight in a closet
Evacuate any where a person can walk, debris can preclude use of evacuation chairs
No special skills or training for those assisting with evacuation required
Transfer lifting can be performed from front & back (narrow stairs) or each side
Packs down to 10½ x 11½ x 3½ foldedmaking it easy to store in emergency supplies
Highly Adjustable! One Size Fits All
American-Made Craftsmanship, Super Strong & Durable, Machine washable.  1 year limited warranty.


Safer with less chance of individual being dropped or injured
Comfortable for individual being transferred, less chance of being lifted in a painful or harmful manner
Maintains individual in natural seated position while securing legs
Easily slipped around individual while seated in wheelchair or any other seat
Saves backs or other strain injuries of those assisting with evacuation
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