Open Sesame Accessories

Open Sesame Model 100

Automatic door operator shall be electromechanical, and provide for both powered opening and powered closing of a door.  >>more

Orig.: $1,650.00
Sale: $1,580.00

Open Sesame Model 200
Similar to System 100, but does not include an electric strike plate. Includes two wireless wall pushpads. The operator will "spring shut" automatically against manual opening of the door. >>more


12v -1.2Ah Replacement Battery

Orig.: $29.95
Sale: $24.95

(B) E.C.U. Transmitter


(F) Wireless Wall Push Pad


(FL) Large Wireless Wall Push Pad


(C) Keychain Transmitter


(D) Standard Transmitter


(E) Keyless Entry Pad



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