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Techla Dos Mount

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So you are using the Tecla Shield™ to access your smartphone, tablet or computer through your switches or the driving controls of your powered wheelchair, but how are you going to mount it?

With the Tecla DOS Mount, enjoy hassle-free mounting, installation and recharging of your Tecla Shield!

The Tecla DOS Mount can secure your Tecla Shield to your bed, your wheelchair, your desk or any tube or flat surface (up to 1.4″ thick) in seconds, just align the Tecla Shield to the mount, until the magnetic contacts snap right on!

Use the Tecla DOS Mount to tuck away your Tecla Shield, tidy up your switch cables and get your whole switch access setup out of sight and out of mind, though if you do change your mind, mounting your Tecla Shield somewhere else couldn't be simpler, Simply loosen the holding clamp and tighten it again at the new location. Done, no tools required!

Pull... Recharge... Snap!

Even though the Tecla Shield is so powerful that you only have to charge it about once a week (once a week!), we wanted to make it as easy as possible to recharge. With the Tecla DOS Mount, removing and snapping back the Tecla Shield in place is so easy and addictive that you will find yourself doing it over and over again, just to hear that satisfying "snap" comparable only to popping bubble wrap

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