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QuadMouse > QuadMouse - control with Chin, Lips, or Tongue
QuadMouse - control with Chin, Lips, or Tongue

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New v2 Features
Built-in Drag (click and hold) eliminates any need to install software or configure drivers! Scroll, move, resize, drag and drop, and select multiple items with ease using either left or right click.
Even lower force to operate joysticks and Step through four speed channels in either direction.
16 user programmable speeds for each of the four channels or select one of four factory preset configurations. Factory presets also user programmable or easily reset to defaults.
Speed settings are saved in the QuadMouse memory even when computer is off.
Smaller size: 4" wide, 2" high, 1" deep. (Previous models are 5" x 2.5" x 2".) Joysticks are remain same,1 inch apart.
Driverless support on Windows PC, Linux, or Macintosh.
Simply plugs into the USB port
Super-adjustable desktop mount with 4 degrees of freedom can mouse controller from 4"-18" above desk surface and up to 12" in front of it!
Optional Clamping Mount for Bed or Desk edge
Click, double-click, & right-click the mouse with the built in secondary joystick
Built-in speed adjustability for all skill levels with secondary joystick
Can be used simultaneously with other mouse/joystick/game controllers.
Options & Accessories


Lip or Chin Mouse Controller and User Manual

3rd Hand Hyper-Adjustable Desktop Mount (from 6"-18")

Free Software Included Free

On-Screen Keyboard with Word Completion

GimpGear Click-Lock

"Click Assist" and Basic voice control


Included Software
 'Click Assist' & Voice Control Clicking Software
Included FREE
 On Screen Keyboard with Word Completion plus Basic Dictation
Included FREE
Clicklock and Drag specialty mouse drivers and utility
Included FREE
Applications from 4 different developers plus 2 trials!  Pick the one that works best for you!
Click by Voice Control with over 100 free built-in navigation commands
(microphone required)
'Click Assist' software "clicks" for users without finger flexion or for whom mouse buttons are difficult
No Grip Mouse operation with one arm only
Simply pause or dwell over an object on the screen and software clicks for you
Support all standard mouse functions: left-click, right-click, dragging, & scrolling
Customizable to user's preferences for speed
Work with all input devices
No Grip Mouse, Head Control, Trackball, laptop touchpad, etc.
If typing on the keyboard is difficult, these 2 included programs will get you going!

Voice Recognition with Basic Dictation
(microphone required)

On Screen Keyboard
User Configurable Keyboard Layouts
Translated native support for ~15 major languages
Word Completion with built-in dictionary saves time & repetitive typing immediately
User customizable Word Completion dictionary learns as you add more words
Simplifies click and drag, selection of multiple icons or text, etc.
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