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Why a Vertical Platform Lift Installed by a Quadadapt Professional is the Smart Choice!

The Accessibility Equipment Manufacturers Association (AEMA) provides the most knowledgeable information on stairlifts and residential elevators. Read why it strongly advises against self-installation of any stairlift or residential elevator product. Your safety could be at risk!

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Many jurisdictions require a lift to be installed in conformance with local or National Codes.

                                                                                                    Individual State Codes

In many localities, the codes referenced are the ASME A17.1, the A18.1, and the NFPA70 (National Electrical Code). A consumer installing a lift would not be familiar with the safety requirements of the applicable codes such as clearances, electrical safety, proper anchoring, etc. Such non-conformance to the codes may make the installation unsafe.


Licensing and permitting required.                                         Alabama Code Requirements

Many jurisdictions require a lift to be installed by a licensed, trained technician and the lift inspected by the local authority having jurisdiction prior to placing it in service.





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