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Series II
Upgraded Voice Technology


The new Simplicity II recognition system is DSP based and vastly superior over the Simplicity I recognition.  Whereas the old recognition system used 80 bytes per word, the new system uses more than 4000 bytes per word.  This means there is a lot more data to work with and so the recognition quality has increased 50 fold.  Previous clients who are marginal on the Simplicity I systems will now find the Simplicity II systems very responsive.  As always however, clients need to be evaluated.
The training for Simplicity II is slightly different than with the Simplicity I systems.  In Simplicity I there were 2 word lists each containing 64 words.  These were trained one list at a time.  In Simplicity II, there are 3 word lists but all words are trained 3 times sequentially.

The new recognition system is built using surface mount technology which results in higher quality and reliability.


                                Call for pricing to upgrade your existing system.


There is discussion and confusion over ECU’s. (Environmental Control Units). There are many products and brands on the market that make claims that they are the best.  All ECU’s have limitations and shortfalls. But be aware of product not being fully evaluated.


The Quartet AIO (All in One) has been in production for over 20 years, it has proven itself in the field with clients still using the existing Quartet units 12-15 years after installation. An amazingly low cost of ownership. Even though these units have never had the proper maintenance schedules. Quartet is the only provider of ECU’s with this longevity.


1.     The Quartet product is the only ECU that meets the medical UL listing. Furthermore , it is the only product that meets the Federal and State guidelines for an ECU

2.     Quartet is the only product with full battery back- up built in.

3.     All Representatives are factory trained, and can utilize the knowledge and advice of the individual that built all of the components. All components come from Quartet ensuring that each works in conjunction with the ECU.

4.     As a standalone device it is not venerable to operating system issues of viruses or obsolescence.

5.     Because the X-10 command set is built in, there is no issue with IR

(Infrared) failure due to rooms filling with smoke.

6.     With the release of the new Simplicity AIO the main issue with voice recognition has been removed, the new voice module is available as an upgrade or unit replacement. This allows for those clients with voice issues to operate functionally.

7.     Quartet is obligated to hold spare parts for obsolete units for seven years, ensuring the best return on investment.

8.  Proudly made in the USA



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