Public Access Package

Can be used in light commercial applications, such as school doors, restroom doors, apartment lobby doors, storefronts, elevators/lifts, or residential or pedestrian gates. When triggered via our remote controls they go through an open-pause-close cycle. The operator will close automatically against manual opening of the door, like a standard door closer. NOTE: Any existing door closer must be removed or disabled. Includes Model 200 operator, two rugged wireless wall pushpads, and wiring kit with transformer. Does not include an electric strike plate.            This package includes: 

Two 5  Model 200 Door Operator24 volt AC Adapter, Wiring Kit with Junction BoxPurchase Open Sesame Products  

Public Access Secure Package  -                  Purchase Open Sesame Products

Similar to the above public access package, but includes an added electric strike plate to release a door latch, and substitutes a keyless entry pad (or standard remote control) for one pushpad. Standard electric strike plate accomodates a standard latchbolt, custom strike plates available to release other hardware.

This package includes:The Model 200 Door Operator to open and close the door Two Wireless Wall Pushpads A low voltage wiring kit, with an AC adaptor, wiring, and a junction box The Model 200 Door Operator to open and close the door. An Electric Strike Plate to release the door latch One Wireless Wall Pushpad A Keyless Entry Pad, to allow access via a four digit code Or a Remote Control for individual use.

Electric Strike Plate Model 200 Door Operator5Keyless Entry Pad  

Standard Remote Control Keyless Entry Pad 

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