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What is PEAT?

PEAT™ is an Android smartphone application that provides cueing and scheduling assistance for individuals with memory, attention, and cognitive disorders. PEAT users include patients with traumatic brain injury, stroke, hypoxia, neurodegenerative conditions including MS, Alzheimer’s disease and attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

The key difference between PEAT and other reminder systems is flexibility!


Other systems require someone to re-plan and update the schedule data when changes occur, but real-world activities are often rescheduled, cancelled, or replaced. Many activities are not scheduled for specific times, but must occur within given time ranges. These flexible activities cannot be represented by other calendar and cueing systems. If the schedule changes, by having an activity added, rescheduled, completed early, or skipped, PEAT will check the schedule and make changes as appropriate.

To help users stay on task, a unique cue card display presents information about only the current activity with pictures that link to contacts, notes and recordings about the current activity.

Unlike most apps, PEAT can be customized for individual needs and preferences.

Automatic cues to start and stop activities use customized voice recordings, sounds and pictures, or vibrations for people with hearing impairments.

Personalized note sequences with audio recordings can be used to break large tasks into smaller steps, and guide users through multi-step procedures.

A Task wizard for adding tasks, contacts, and notes helps users gain independence and confidence.

Comments From PEAT Users

Peat for me

Peat for a loved one PEAT for Professionals


  • Phone, text msg, internet search, speech recognition (w/phone or WiFi service)
  • Speech synthesis
  • Camera
  • Audio recording
  • Location manager with GPS

PEAT helps people who may have trouble with:

  • Remembering when to start (or stop) an activity
  • Remembering or have a hard time keeping track of information
  • Becoming distracted
  • Getting overwhelmed easily
  • Planning their schedule

PEAT can help people to:

  • Be as independent as possible
  • Complete more activities on time with less help
  • Spend less time worrying about what they forgot
  • Increase quality of life

PEAT can help by:

  • Reminding people (in time) about events that they have scheduled
  • Giving people easy access to the information that they need, such as an internet browser, music or games


How can I get PEAT?

PEAT on Android will be available in the spring of 2012. If you are interested in PEAT, Please fill out our contact form and we will be sure to notify you when PEAT is available, how much the software will cost and how to get PEAT for your Android device.

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AnchorUnique Features of PEAT

Executive functions increase flexibility needed for independence!

PEAT's patented methods compensate for executive function deficits such as initiation, perseveration, planning, and error correction, which are extremely common with cognitive disorders. PEAT is the only treatment option designed to assist with the full range of executive functions by not only reminding users, but also detecting and correcting schedule conflicts.

PEAT's flexibilty to adjust to changes means it is the only system that offers true independence to operate in an uncertain and changing world, because other systems require a caregiver to replan and modify the schedule data when changes occur.

A Better Fitting Cognitive Orthotic

PEAT provides the best fitting cognitive orthotic because the Activity Model and User Interface  can be tailored to meet individual needs.

    The Activity Model describes the user's activites. Other calendar systems only allow "non-slip" tasks with inflexible start times, however real-world activities including floating tasks with flexible start times, and multi-step scripted procedures. PEAT's activity model allows you to specify these other types of "real-world" activities to achieve a better "fit" between the orthotic and the user's activities.  Different types of user activities that can be defined in PEAT include:
  • Standard tasks - tasks with fixed start times).
  • To Do tasks - scheduled for specific days, but have no specific start time.
  • Floating tasks - can be scheduled anytime in a specified time window.
  • Activity scripts - hierarchical task sequences that help break high-level, multi-step activities into smaller steps.
    The User Interface is highly flexible and can be configured many different ways to meet individual needs and capabilities. Options include the ability to remove any button that might confuse a user, and the ability to block user access to view or modify data.

A key to success with PEAT is the proper selection of these user interface options for each individual. User interface options  inlcude:
  • Cue types can be chosen from a wide range of multimedia cueing options, including customized voice or audio recordings and personalized digital pictures.
  • Highly-impaired users may be locked into the Cue Card section only  - so they only see reminders for one event at a time, while others may have the ability to view the calendar and note info, but not modify it, and yet other users may have full access to all features.
  • High-functioning users may override cues by starting and stopping them early, and by delaying, skipping, rescheduling, and cancelling them, while others may have the "cue override" features turned off.
  • Cross-reference links between calendar tasks, name cards, and notes make it easy to access related information stored in different notebook section.
  • Extra large text and pictures help users with visual or motor problems.
 PEAT is always paying attention -- anytime, anywhere!
    One of the most important features of PEAT is that it pays attention to what is going on in your life. It does not just send a reminder and assume all went according to plan. PEAT uses integrated planning and execution methods to "close-the-loop".  After PEAT cues the user, it then monitors their response to detect problems and adust when necessary.

AnchorBenefits for Users and Caregivers

  • Increases user flexibility, independence, and confidence
  • Enables users to complete more activities on time with less help
  • Provides a 'virtual caregiver' 24 hours per day
  • Specialized for individuals with a wide range of cognitive, sensor, or motor deficits.

AnchorComments from PEAT Users, Caregivers, and Therapists

Thanks for a great product!-- J.H. Boston, MA

PEAT has made a tremendous difference in my life.. -- R.C. San Jose, CA

I need my PEAT! -- R.K. El Paso, TX

PEAT is not your average scheduling software -- Pocket PC Magazine, Nov. 2002

Since I started using PEAT, the slope of my improvement has increased a lot.... PEAT has become a liberating addition to my life. I have had problems with my memory, and PEAT has helped keep me focused. It keeps all the information I need in one spot and I like the reminder cues.... PEAT is great for people with head injuries because it gives us that little something extra when we need it. -- J.H. San Francisco, CA

You have a great product, with...unique, useful features. And configurable? Wow! Keep up the good work! -- J.K. Omaha, NE

The trial version is very impressive. After just reading the instructions and a few minutes of programming, I was using it without any problems. In the future, it will be nice to be able to assuredly say to my Clients, 'Yes, you will benefit from purchasing PEAT.'" -- A.C. Richmond, KY

PEAT for Me

PEAT is better than a helping hand. Get AI technology at your fingertips…



I love my PEAT, it’s been transformative for me, and has helped me to feel like I’ve gotten a lot of my life back since I was first injured ” -single mother with car crash induced TBI

PEAT Users Notice Everyday Improvements

“PEAT helps me by giving me cues to tell me what to do and when to stop. It seems to me, at first glance, that if PEAT is cueing me all the time, I won’t learn to do it myself, but the cues that PEAT gives me, over time, actually increases my ability to anticipate events.”…

” Once I started using PEAT, I find that I’m improving, and noticeably
so. I will be using PEAT for the rest of my life.” longtime PEAT user, TBI post 35 years

PEAT Planning helps with real world changes- PEAT adjusts to Real Life

“Every morning I start off on my desktop (if I am home) doing my 30 minute planning session. This is just an initial template for a day’s activities that I then download onto my handheld. For the rest of that day, though, lots of changes always happen that make me need to add new tasks or reschedule planned tasks. The PEAT system on the handheld is very conducive to this and lets me dynamically make any changes needed on the fly! ” -PEAT user with TBI

Increases Independence

“ very helpful. It is ideal for the work situations and social events. It easily assimilated into everyday tasks. As I began to become more comfortable with it I use it more and more in my daily tasks both at home and work. “- Young man with TBI


 PEAT for Loved Ones

PEAT can restore confidence and assist in everyday tasks…


elderly woman using smartphone and her adult daughter “PEAT is a great product. Mom actually got teary eyed when she talked about what a difference this has made for her son. The family is very happy about how this has worked out; and, it sounds like (the teen) uses the product all of the time! “

PEAT is a Caregivers Helper.
Memory impairments have an impact on all family members. Whether is a wife caring for her aging husband, an adult child caring for a parent, or a young wife caring for a husband and their children, family members benefit from PEAT.

Relieves the stress and worry that caregivers experience
Spouses, and family members of people with cognitive impairments have extra busy schedules. There is just more to do. PEAT gets things organized so they don’t have to worry about whether they or their family member has forgotten, and some important task has slipped through the cracks. Take a regular family schedule, multiply it by two people and then add on extra doctor appointments, physical therapy, complicated medication schedules, rehabilitation exercises, and unexpected health events, and thats the caregivers new set of responsibilities.

When a family member is not there or can’t be there, PEAT keeps track of a complicated schedule that may have changed bit during the day. PEAT provides verification and time information when the loved one doesn’t remember.

Helps their loved one regain their abilities, remain independent and complete tasks
Its that little extra bit of extra help; notes, checklists, scripts and persistent cues that keep their loved one with a brain injury or impairment going. PEAT is a positive support and loved ones feel better when they are able to be independent and share the family responsibilities. PEAT can assist users to complete chores and household tasks to their level of ability and remember schedules on their own to regain independence.

Helps organize their time, so we can enjoy our time
PEAT can cue their loved one so they are not the “human alarm clock”. That support helps keep the relationship more like it was before they developed cognitive impairments.

Get PEAT for your loved one today!

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PEAT for Professionals

Why is PEAT preferred by rehabilitation professionals?

Easy yet Advanced – Clients succeed

“(My Client) has impaired short memory and scheduling difficulties. When I worked with him, he took the summer off to improve his skills so that he could be more successful with teaching…… Out of all of my patients, I think that PEAT is crucial to his vocational success.” – Therapist

Esteem grows

Clients come with with many losses and frustrations due to problems with executive function disorder (EFD) and their inability to remember what they want to do each day. Clinicians and clients work together to analyze their schedule and plan and organize their time. Sometimes they need assistance in breaking the task into steps, setting priorities or setting deadlines. They learn to put the tasks into PEAT and off they go. PEAT reminds them to do what they intend and adjusts the schedule as real life demands. They get more done an this makes everyone happy. Clients are proud and their esteem grows.


“The trial version is very impressive. After just reading the instructions and a few minutes of programming, I was using it without any problems. In the future, it will be nice to be able to assuredly say to my Clients, ‘Yes, you will benefit from purchasing PEAT.‘” — A.C. Richmond, KY

Advanced Features that nobody else has even dared to try in any task planner.

“PEAT is becoming fascinating as I layer Templates and Scripts and chains of Note/Name Links…..It is really fun to set up a domino task and then watch it fly (or not) to completion on a test drive “scheduling”, and see how many different ways you can attach pictures and sounds to keep it interesting….and how many different ways you can click it to get more instructions or information via instant “come and go” tracking into long chains of Links. PEAT is a totally excellent program and I am now beginning to see how much more flexible (not just easier for …(my client)… to learn and use) the program is to sort of set up an almost ‘living’ model of …(my clients)… daily life.” – Therapis of PEAT User with TBI

Customizes to Client needs

“You have a great product, with…unique, useful features. And configurable? Wow! Keep up the good work! — J.K. Omaha, NE

PEAT settings and Cue options are adaptable to the needs of the individual user. We have eveloped templates for individuals with low to high levels of function. For instance, initially a system can be set up by a therapist with few buttons and to only cue a user to start tasks. Of course that cue would be a spoken recording in the voice of someone they may recognize such as a spouse. Users learn systematically and at their own pace.

As the user becomes more skilled, eventually all functionality is added. Independent users are able to enter their own schedule, make time management decisions by delaying activities, use the phone and other applications on the device from within PEAT, and use location tracking to find their way around.

Are you a professional working with clients in these areas? Please contact our experienced support team for help configuring PEAT for even the most challenging situations.

Get PEAT for your client!


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